Maximizing our suppliers’ financial benefit and offering tested, quality products for resale

As an R2 certified company, Divanti Group follows the strict guidelines and standards of handling and testing computer and electronic equipment from our suppliers. Each load is processed by our trained staff to ensure the quality of the reusable products.  Failed equipment is properly disposed of through well-vetted downstream partners. 


Our Process for Incoming Recycled Computer and Electronic Equipment


Supplier ships bulk loads of tested or untested computer equipment to our warehouse in Cleveland, Ohio


Incoming equipment is tagged with a unique asset # to track each item from origination to destination


Test, clean and grade the materials, removing damaged products to recycle and sorting reuseable to sell


A detailed analysis report is provided to our supplier with a settlement offer

Divanti Group is R2 Version 3 and RIOS certified.

Access our current certificates using the links below.